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Nutrition Consultant
            & Chef

Creating vitality & harmony

Healing, delicious & satisfying food

Inalu Antolí

My mission is to show you the way to a healthier, happier and more satisfying life. I trust that you can greatly improve your physical and emotional health through food and lifestyle choices suited to your needs.

Food has a major impact on our life. Your health and the capacity to thrive in life depends on the foods you eat every day, on your lifestyle, attitude and actions.

We really are what we eat. The foods we choose, the cooking methods and right combinations can make an incredible difference on how you feel.

Only you can choose to live a life filled with vitality and energy. My task is to accompany you in the process.

Can you imagine how your life could be?
Let’s work together so you can make the most of the gift of this life, 
beautify this journey and enjoy it. 

My nutrition approach is based on "5 Elements Nutrition", the Oriental Science of Eating and Living. With further knowledge on "Ayurveda", I offer a truly holistic way of eating.
And there is something else my "Love for Life" because it is the ideal ground for vitality to blossom, for positive changes to take place. 

I help you to adapt your diet to your personal needs and to gain more health and balance.

I love inspiring people, support them to feel more vital, radiant and dynamic. We can create conditions to unfold our full potential in life and to blossom.

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What is "5 Elements Nutrition"? 

With all the conflicting diet information out there it can be frustrating figuring out what eating is right for you. My approach is unique as I have extensive nutrition study in Macrobiotics and Ayurveda. Therefore I can guide you in what is health enhancing and really nourishing for you. The food on your table can be beautiful and satisfying and health-supportive at the same time.

I specialize in cooking for retreats with a holistic view, whether it is yoga or meditation.

Want to eat better, but have no time to cook? Do you need to change your diet but have no idea how to make any of those foods? I can help you.

I love cooking for people that care about their health. I focus on preparing delicious and satisfying meals that are exactly what you need to feel well.


                Clients & Collaborators

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