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Detox Programs


With the energy of spring is so much easier  to do a detox and take a few days to eliminate toxins from our body. 

Spring is the ideal time to detox our body.

I present you a program of 3 days with the following ingredients: 

light cooking options

foods of the season

less salt and fat

no animal products

physical activity 

 In spring nature offers us a great variety of green leaves –like rocket, dandelion, fennel- that have cleansing properties, bitter taste and help us purify the liver. It is very likely that the liver has got saturated during the winter months. So spring provides us with foods that help the liver to eliminate toxins and to function better.

 You will not go hungry!

You will  feel good, perhaps lose some weight, improve digestion, have more clarity of mind and establish some good healthy habits.


Detoxing does not mean  eating raw food, juicing or fasting.

We will use a great variety of ingredients (wholegrains, proteins, vegetables, fresh products, seeds, oils, condiments).

Everything in moderation. We will avoid certain foods and we will use others more.




26-28 March

23-25 April
14-16 May

Who is this program for:

  • Anybody who wants to cleanse the body and invite more energy

  • Anybody who wants to learn how to detox, learn to create delicious dishes and prepare the body for summer

The program includes:

  • Online live Presentation.' Why & How to do it?' prior to the start of the program

  • 3 Days Menu

  • 32 pages Ebook with advice, healthy tips, all the recipes shopping list and cooking plan.

  • Online Support for the duration of the detox.

We will create a mini detox community for a few days.
Join if you would like to let go of what you body does not need and prepare for summer.

There will be an online Zoom Video Call with all participants the Wednesday before the program starts. There I will explain you everything you need to know so you are ready to start. 


Complete the form below. If you want to do the Personal Detox Program, we will arrange a meeting or video-conference.

Thanks for submitting!

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