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About Inalu

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-As a nutritional consultant I will be very happy to guide and help you to create changes that affirm life, support  your vision to enjoy this beautiful journey with consciousness.

My Story

From a young age I was interested in cooking and eating healthy. I was only 12 years old and already experimenting with new flavours, combinations and ways of cooking. I became vegetarian in my early twenties. For a young woman in Madrid this wasn’t very typical and trendy, as it is nowadays to opt for a vegetarian way of eating.


In my early twenties I moved to London and it was an explosion of possibilities in all senses. My life just expanded so much! I was training as a dancer, studying Counselling and Creative Writing… I was fully immersed in city life.


My health deteriorated, perhaps the crazy lifestyle, the change from living in Spain. So I had to look for ways of getting my health back. In my search for meaning & harmony I came across the ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga. I followed Ayurvedic medicine for many years, travelled to India to train, learn and connect with inspiration and great practitioners. Ayurveda, the science of life, offered me many tips to improve my lifestyle, my wellbeing and direction towards a more ‘sattvic’ way of living. It was the beginning of a journey that still goes on today.


I have trained in Macrobiotic Cooking & Nutrition (Macrobiotic School of Catalunya in Barcelona), Food Therapy (Institute Roger Lluria in Barcelona) & Ayurveda (Ayushakti Center in Bombay, India). I have enriched my life and understanding of health through the study of various disciplines. I am a qualified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist and Somatic Movement Educator. 


Over 6 years I run residential Yoga & Detox programs in Mallorca, with the support of IndigoUrlaub. I have supported hundreds of people to cleanse their body, learn more healthy ways of eating and adopt a more conscious and harmonious lifestyle. The experience of participants has generated so many positive changes in themselves and their families. This is how step by step we can create more health and enjoy doing it. It is not about adopting strict or dogmatic rules, but to adopt habits that support our vitality and learn ways of cooking and food choices that can enhance our life.


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