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Detox Programs

Personal Detox Program



1 Consultation 1h 30min
+ Detox Manual
+online support


"Detox programs are essential to maintain and improve our health. To feel full of energy we need to nourish and detoxify our bodies."

The ideal times are spring and autumn. In these seasons, nature supports a natural cleansing process in our bodies that we can maximize by eating the appropriate foods. However anytime is a good time to detox if you follow appropriate guidelines considering your particular constitution and needs. Sometimes what we need is not to detox, but to deeply nourish and remineralize the body.


  • We start with a Nutrition Consultation, we take a thorough look at what is happening to have a holistic view. 

  • I will create a Detox Program for you. The recommendations will be individualized to your specific concerns and needs. You may also receive complementary health and lifestyle practices.

  • You can contact me online during the detox program to clarify any questions or concerns.

  • The detox program has a minimum duration of 6 days. You may also opt for a 2 weeks program.















With our pace of life, it can be difficult for our bodies to detoxify. We are subject to many demands and foods that can create imbalance and disease:

-emotional, mental & physical stress
-refined sugars and salt
-too much animal protein and dairy
-unhealthy fats (saturated and trans fats)
-too many stimulants (coffee, tea & chocolate) & alcohol

The body is incredibly intelligent and works to protect our heath. Therefore it will store the toxic products and normally surrounds them with fat or mucous. When we do a detox program we are supporting the body to release these toxins. The toxins disturb the physical and energetic channels in the body, preventing real nourishment and damaging the functions of organs and systems.

detox challenge (3).jpg
It is  not about going hungry!!


Detoxing does not mean  eating raw food, juicing or fasting!

You will feel good, perhaps lose some weight, improve digestion, have more clarity of mind and establish good healthy habits.

We will use a great variety of ingredients (whole grains, proteins, vegetables, fresh products, seeds, oils, condiments).

Everything in moderation. We will avoid certain foods and we will use others more.

Start when you are ready !

We should nourish our bodies daily, having foods that support our body.


When all our tissues and organs are well nourished then, according to Ayurveda, our body creates ‘ojas’, a substance considered the elixir of life, that creates vitality and a radiance that brings happiness and peace.


If we are not nourishing well our bodies we could develop all kinds of problems, including infertility, hormonal imbalances, neurological and musculoskeletal problems conditions, disturbances of the nervous system.

The body works much better after a detox.The mind is more clear and the heart more ready to love.

Personal Detox Program
from 150€

1 Initial Consultation 1h 30min
+ Detox Manual
+online support 

In this program  I will give you the planning and the shopping list to organize yourself in the kitchen, so you will know  what is happening each day.

You will get all the recipes in a PDF book with support material.


It is an ideal program if you would like to let go of what your body does not need and prepare for summer.

 I will explain to you everything you need to know so you can do it from home with my support.

Once the payment has been received, we will arrange a day and time for the session, whether it is online
or face-to-face appointment. Payment is not refundable.
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