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Vitality Program

Vitality Program in Mallorca

Combining nutrition and yoga

Are you coming to Mallorca on holidays?
Would you like it to be a time for you, to recover your vitality, to replenish your energy and zest for life?

I will create a unique and tailor-made program, just for you. We  will take care of body and mind with practices that can bring back harmony and optimum health.


I offer my guidance and experience in practices that can support you. Whether you are immersed in a creative project and need nourishment, a challenging period of your life physical or emotionally, or just needing time away from everyday obligations, chores and demands.  

                                   My wish is that after your time with me:

-You feel more calm, peaceful, lighter, joyful and energised

-You are able to bring about changes in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life

-You have learnt ways to enhance and maintain your wellbeing and energy levels

-You feel better in your own body and have awakened your senses to enjoy life more.

Cost will depend on the program we create

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