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Cooking Classes

Learn what you need !

I offer totally personalized classes in which we will prepare dishes adapted to your particular needs.

Are you in Mallorca? Whether you are on holidays or living here, I can come to your house, and you can learn about cooking, health and wellness in the comfort of your home.


Private Cooking Classes

  • The schedule is totally flexible.

  • We will work out a time that suits us both

  • Private cooking classes are adapted to your specific needs, allowing you to solve specific problems related to food and health

  • You will learn to cook what you really want and need.

  • With a minimum duration of 2 hours, we will agree on number of sessions to meet your wishes and needs and have enough time in between to put into practice what you have learned.


The cooking classes are reinforced with follow-up sessions, via e-mail, which will help you

answer questions at any time.

With home classes, you will enjoy learning about food and health in the tranquility of your home.


Take a chance to learn to cook what is good for you !!

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