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Healthy Fruit Truffles


Total 18 truffles, 6 of each


3 cups dates, pitted (approx 500 gr)

Spicy :

4-5 slices of dried apple

3 dried apricots

orange zest

ginger powder o juice


Chocolate :

¼ cup raw carob or raw cacao powder

2 tbsp goji berries

Coconut :

¼ cup of grated coconut

2 tbsp dried cranberries

lemon zest



1. Remove stones of the dates and put them in the food processor. If the dates are too hard soak them in tepid water for 1 hour, if you leave them longer the truffles will be too soft.  Process until the fruit is completely broken down (this will happen very quickly). Remove and divide into three parts, one for each of the version of truffles we are making.


2. Put one of the parts in a bowl and add the ingredients of one of the combinations. Do the same each time, mixing well with your hands, so that the new ingredients are well incorporated. (The dough will be very sticky!).

Tip: When you add the apples, dried apricots and blueberries, cut them beforehand with scissors to make small pieces.

Always adjust the ingredients (especially the spices) to your taste. 

Once the truffles are made, roll them into grated coconut or cinnamon or carob to lightly coat the exterior.

Cooking notes

If the date mix is too sticky or you prefer not to use so many dates... you can make a small amount of Wholemeal Couscous and add it to the date mix. This will also give it a very good texture. How to do that? 2 small cups of apple juice for 1 small cup of couscous, bring the apple juice to boil, then add the couscous, bring to boil again for 30 seconds, switch off and cover with a lid. Once it has cooled down, the couscous is ready to add it to the date mix. 

Coconut is the best option to roll  the truffles into, but you can try with cacao or cinnamon, but you need to roll them into something because they are very sticky!

Nutritional & Energetic Notes

If we are avoiding stimulants then we can use carob powder instead of cacao powder. Oh yes! cacao is an stimulant as coffee is. What does stimulant mean? Well it stimulates your nervous system.

We cannot deny there is a lot of sugar in these truffles. Yes, I know, it is the healthy one but nevertheless, dates are super sweet. 

These truffles are ideal for a luxury dessert, a spark to a moment that needs something special. Let's enjoy those special moments!

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