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Body Therapy Massage

     Body Therapy Massage

It is a synthesis of structural deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation, meditation, awareness of the breath, the body and the emotions. Stress, of a physical, emotional or mental nature, can lead to chronic muscle hardening and therefore pain, tension and limited mobility. Limitation of the physical body can have an effect in other aspects of our existence.


In Body Therapy Massage we use different massage techniques:

  1. Soft, deep tissue manipulation and fascia release. We are freeing tensions in the muscles, through deep, slow and skilful strokes, bringing more mobility and flexibility to the body.

  2. Joint Release. This is a mobilisation of the joints to bring more ease to the movement of the body. Tensions and toxins which are held in the joints are released in this way.

  3. Breath and Energy Work

  4. Body Awareness Training

As the body releases rigidities and relaxes, energy is set free and breathing is improved. This will increase wellbeing as the nervous system regains balance and most essential functions of the body are improved (circulation, digestion, sleep, immune system…)   At the same time old and unconscious emotional and mental attitudes and patterns can come into our awareness. This helps us to develop a better understanding of ourselves and of our hidden potential. Therefore we can come closer to our innermost core, which enables us to live life a more spontaneous and meaningful life.


It is essential a loving, mindful and empathic touch with respect and care to the client.


It can help with :

Back pain - Cervical pain - Chronic pain - Headaches -  Plantar fasciitis - Hip pain - Jaw pain -    Fibromyalgia - Depression - Pelvic pain - Shoulder pain

The main cause of pain and tension in the body is over-contraction of the five types of soft tissue, muscle, fascia, skin, ligaments and nerves. This chronic tension blocks circulation, oxygen and energy to these soft and sensitive tissues. The contracted tissue presses on pain receptors causing most of the pain experienced.

As the cause of chronic pain, from over contraction of soft tissues, is released with bodywork, stuck energy is released and vitality is recovered.


Each session is tailored to each individual needs, their specific presenting issue, and the overall condition of their physical, mental and emotional body. This way we are treating the whole person.

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