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5 Elements Nutrition

     5 Elements Nutrition   

5 Elements is a system that can be used to create extraordinary health. It is based on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern knowledge, to ascertain the underlying causes of an individuals current health challenges, and make adjustments to their food and lifestyle choices to support and improve health.


5 Elements understands the energetic effects of foods on our body, mind & emotions. It recommends adjustments in food and lifestyle choices to bring balance and support to the individual to thrive in life.  


The key is the understanding of energy applied to food and cooking styles.


Furthermore it is important torecognize the different needs of our body according to the seasons, to our level of physical activity, to our stage in life and to the environment in which we live.

It holds a complete holistic vision of food and the individual, therefore

it is able to use food as medicine.


It offers guidelines to live in harmony, respecting our natural rhythms and needs,

improving health to live a happy and fulfilled life.

5 Elements Nutrition is many things at once: a philosophy of life, a healing diet, a preventive diet, a delicious and practical way of eating.

These are some keys to this conscious and healthy approach to life:

                                          1. Using quality, whole and unprocessed foods

                                          2. Using seasonal and local products

                                          3. Avoiding products that can harm the body

                                          4. Providing essential nutrition

                                          5. Using proper cooking methods

                                          6. Eating in a relaxed and conscious manner

                                          7. Adapting the menu to the seasons

                                          8. Using ideally 90% plant based foods

What to eat?

How much?

How is it cooked?

When is it eaten?

These are aspects to consider:





It is important to understand that your body has the capacity to find balance and harmony. In order to allow health to manifest you must not block life by having foods that disturb your nature, instead you provide the foods that nourish and sustain life.


  What about the energy of food? Let's put some examples:

It is not the same to have a raw carrot as to have carrot soup.


It is not the same to add a pinch of salt or a tablespoon of salt to your salad dressing.


This is something very much of common sense for certain foods but sometimes we
overlook what happens with others.

It is not the same to have salad in summer or in winter.


It is not the same to have fruit in summer, as to have fruit in winter.

It's not the same to have refined cereals or whole, to have flour or the whole grain.


To find out more, try it out, start applying it into your life and you will see great results for a 'great life'.  

Contact me for a coaching program, consultation or cooking lessons.

The first step is to stop consuming what is blocking your health.

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